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How to create a wallet


What products to expect

Cross-chain NFT marketplace

The Cross-chain Function will make it easy for users to switch between blockchains

White Label solution

Customized platform for exclusive brands and those who want to launch their own marketplace.


nftmaniaquest.com is a side product of NFT Stars that makes learning about NFTs a fun process and is a great marketing activity.

NFT STARS AR Mobile App:

AR layers will provide users with a completely new level NFT experience inside artists’ own AR rooms and galleries.

NFT Scanner

The NFT pricing scanner will solve artists’ problem of finding an average market price for the NFT they are planning to sell.

Premium accounts for artists

An exclusive Premium package where every featured STAR will be promoted through ads, social media, interviews and many other activities.


Fractional trading is a new Robinhood trading style in the NFT space. It helps artists to sell little pieces of their NFT instead of a whole NFT token.

Initial NFT offering - the new launchpad for creative startups.


First ever 24/7 NFT radio station where you can purchase any of your favorite songs from young artists.


(NFTS) 20,000,000 emission

Utility Cases for the NFTS token

NFTS Burning - all profits from White Label solutions and the fees from General and Premium accounts will be used to burn as many NFTS tokens as possible from the market

NFT AR customized rooms - use NFTS tokens to purchase a 'customized AR room' tailored to your taste with your own NFT collectables

Community Governance - users can submit proposals and vote on initiatives in order to achieve mutual success through consensus

NFT and NFTS VAULTS - stake NFTs and NFTS tokens to earn more rewards

INFTO Initial NFT Offering - requires users to stake their NFTS tokens in order to receive allocations from upcoming projects

NFT discount - Use your NFTS tokens as a purchasing instrument to gain more discounts

NFT MANIA QUEST - purchase tickets with your NFTS tokens to participate in future quests

Zero Fees - as an artist who decides to sell their NFT only for NFTS tokens, you pay almost zero fees to the platform

Collaborative NFT ownership - assemble your 'NFT team' and receive group profits 'equally'

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